Perhaps you can!

A Desire….but more than that….

A Calling…

A burden…To be obedient is And Art of Loving God….

To have and to share….

To Want to do it…

But how….

Faith is the Miracle Key to open that door…

A giver..

A blessed one in abundance but instead of pouring may continue to with hold what belongs to The Receiver…for perhaps the calling is ringing in your heart but not answering doesn’t mean it wont come to pass…

But instead we can pass it on…

Be a giver..

Let’s be a blessing…

You might have an RV sitting at your backyard.

Getting dust and rain after rain and the beautiful sun shinning upon it and reminds you the great trips with family,the times JESUS Of Nazareth gave you the favor and protection to go around the world visiting site seens or Loved ones….

And now you just can’t do it anymore but perhaps there’s someone that has a desire and has a promise kept deep in the heart that some day it would be ,the transportation to Preach the gospel to the Broken..

Perhaps is the day to let go of a treasure that no longer would complete your needs but the heart of a broken child,a single mother,a divorce husband,a Women with a Testimony how Jesus of Nazareth change her Unrighteous life into a Righteousness life by his grace and mercies….

It is the season to step out in Faith and let go what no longer is for your desires but for others..

With humble heart help me go and preach from my neighbors to yours..

May The Lord touched your heart deep deep inside of your soul…

I love because he firts loved me..

God bless you..

Seeking an RV for Free to go and be obedient to my calling..

And glorified my Father in Heaven..

The Lord God….

I will be praying for your stillness within your inside and listen to the voice of God..

Ps 46:10

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God is our Shepherd!

The Lord is my Shepherd I should not want!

Trusting in God and Pressing on is Faith

Don’t see the circumstances in a fear way but instead begin to get excited and focus on Thanksgiving praise to the Lord because Blessings are on thee way..

Don’t allow distractions to increase Doubt and Fear ‘praise and shake it of and remember to get excited help is on the way we should Lack nothing..

Psalms 23:1-6

Blessings to you In Christ The Lord’s name..


My Beautiful simple Monarch butterfly.

Don’t go backwards for there is no way through.

Seek.. look..,forward…and find purpose.

Trust one way only.

Jesus Christ is the bridge to Heaven all we must do is walk forward the bridge of Salvation…


It would open…Door of heaven.

You will find….Victory

You will find all the answers to your questions..

God Bless you!

Painted by Wanda Ivette Gonzalez!