Hey it’s me again,Wanda enjoying my self as I take the time to share God’s goodness, during the past 3 days of my return to Hartford CT….

My Step Dad was told on September 2014 he needed Prostate Surgery.
He had a Carteret since Agust 2014 until January 6 2015.
During all this Month’s his been very hill , to the point of a real bad infection in all his organs, also cause him an Emergency Remove of his gold bladder.

His been in and out of the Rehab,and right now is back there.

The best is , the Same day I arrived back from FL, He had a Fallow up appointment, we’re the
Urologist told us, he would no longer need Prostate Surgery.

That’s exactly what I was calling upon the Lord.

I Know that our Lord Jesus is Faithful, and he is the only one we can call upon for our desires, For God Answer our Prayers if we declare it Through the FAITH we cannot see, but here, If I here that smooth voice inside me, saying this is part of my purpose, This is the beginning of your Journey in my Faith, all things are possible….


His been healing my Step Dad, slowly,  and I know that’s how we  prove patience..

…”Because you have kept My Command to persevere…”

To God Be all the Glory and Honor for ever and ever.

Thank you all for your time to read my post , comments and the Best Your Faithful Prayers, May God Bless you abundantly and beyond.
Love yours truly Wanda!


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