Faithfully I wait on you Lord!

And Jesus went up into a mountain, and there he sat with his disciples. —John 6:3

I’ve seen to much already!
As I wake up every day , while I’m far away from home, I can sense what the day might bring upon my self– But is up to me how I take responsibility on the day.

I have set a Goal on my life.
Wanda Do not go faster than the Angels from above, because then they won’t
Protect You.

So as this been set in  my mind,
I take it slowly and one day at a time.
My Priority is to hear God’s Voice, if I can be on his spiritual commands and cover by his Armour of Protection Efesions 6:10-17
I will take my journey, as it comes, nothing can take my Peace away.

Last night after getting home from a prayer meeting, I notice strong pain on my
left knee, nothing to be alarm.So I go to bed as usually, while I was laying
on my Mom’s bed, I’ve start
to feel a strange feeling on my knee, and it kept getting worse, until I was up from bed, but could not walk at all quite well.

I decided to go see the Doctor early in the Morning Doctor s
Explain I Sprain the knee so here I am in a strong pain and won’t even ask the Lord, Why?


At the end of the day everything works for good to those who trust and believe in God.
To God Be all the Glory and Honor , I will not be move or shaken, I’ll continue waiting to hear his soft voice again, in the mean time I’ll take care of my self, and read and continue writing.

God Bless love yours truly Wanda.

Please take the time to hear his voice, there’s so many things he wants to say..
The world is talking about God, and for God,
But they are not letting him speak…
Smile Jesus love’s you.


4 thoughts on “Faithfully I wait on you Lord!

  1. Hallelujah we must wait upon the Lord. I know we want to full fill the Lord’s calling in our life soon. We can’t rush Him. God is molding us by using our circumstances. Our faith is being tested. We will get to where God wants us to be when the time comes in His timing. So in the meantime where we are at we are to serve the Lord.

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