Lord I call upon you!

Jeremiah 33 : 3
Call upon me and I will show you things in secret for you do not know!


My God, may I always remember that I am far more valuable than my possessions. May I always remember that my heart is more important than my external belongings which fade and rot.
Lord God I call upon you, show me the way, I need you to guide me, may you
Correct my wrongs and bring me back to the begging we’re you first had me.
And Lord Jesús
Be my courage Dear Lord, let me not be afraid for you are in control in the name of your Holiness I Pray.


One thought on “Lord I call upon you!

  1. Hallelujah Lord, Help us to store up treasures in heaven and not on earth. Has You are the guide of our life. When the day come when we are called to go home to heaven. We can’t take these earthly things with us. Your hands already have a place waiting for us in heaven. Thank You for looking out for us. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen


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