Hello and welcome,

My name is Wanda and I’m on a mission to save souls for Jesus because I am Broken for the Lost. I have started this website as a means to share my ministry with you.

I would hope that you will subscribe to this site so that you could see the people I see and realize they are around us every day. There is always an opportunity to spread The Word of God and to win souls for heaven in His name.

If you would like to support my cause, please donate to my fund account via PayPal (the link will be in the sidebar for you and the donation payments are completely secure).

I also consider myself a PRAYER WARRIOR and if there is a need in your life, or a need of comfort, or wisdom from God, please let me know. You can submit any prayer requests through the contact form on this website and I will respond to you personally as soon as possible.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hallelujah, Thank you so much, I’m Praying for my next mission, The Holy Spirit has spoken to me and has said is soon.
    I love to see Jesús Christ be glorified through our hands and feet.
    Please stand in agreement with me, has I began to Get ready spiritually, im Claming God’s Protection and Favor. He has Paid in full all of my missions..For he is good at all times,
    I remember one time 4 years back me reading Jeremiah 33 : 3 and I said Lord I will call upon you, yes I want to see many things, I do not know. Things you have stored deep in my heart. And about a week later after that, I was blessed with my first missions to Dominican Republic, we’re I saw God’s glory, It was the first one of plenty to come, after that, Cuva, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic again, and Then Hartford CT.
    Oh God has been there all the way.
    Joshua 1 : 9 Says be strong and courageous. Yes Lord!

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