Prayer Requests

If you would like to request prayer for any reason, please feel free to email me at

While you wait for my response, meditate on this prayer below:


There is a light that guides us, small and true and bright.
Jesus right besides us in the morning, noon and night.
He walks upon each place we tread in sorrow or in joy.
And goes before and walks behind, to catch us if we fall.
His presence is so gentle, but if we look we’ll see so many ways he sprinkles grace into the lives of you and me.
Encourages forgiveness, mends our broken hearts.
Helps us choose to do things right, and walk upon his path.
His hope is on our shoulders, lifting us each day.
His truth breathes deep within us inspiring us to pray.
His love we wear just like a cloak of sonship and praise.
His everlasting promises are there for us always.
And even when the world goes dark and we’re lost, cold or afraid.
This little light inside us keeps us warm and close and safe.

It seems Lord such a miracle that you should walk with me.
I choose each day to talk with you,
And hear you speak with me.

In JESUS Christ name.



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