Always remember God sees what we promised and has been kept through our promises.

“I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”
Jeremiah 17:10 NIV


My Art painting for my mission founds.please help me be a blessing to the broken.Lots of this children s are having babies at an age of them being babies as well.11 or 12 year’s of age.when we go and share the Word of God and his powerful Love through us,There’s an impact on their life’s.Thank you for being part of this calling through prayer and founds.God bless you in abundance!

    • Help me go on God’s calling,El Salvador.

    • Feed the children ,also bring Love,clothes,toys,And the best part.
    • The Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit due miracles of all kinds of healing.
    • Thank art goes by donating to my mission accounts or just directly to Pay pall.
    • God bless you in abundance.
    • Painting can go for as $10 and up.
    • Let your heart s not be troubled but instead moved by the Spirit of God..
    • AMEN!

Don’t ask God why!

Ask the right questions!
Lord I don’t understand your plan at this moment, what I do understand is For your glory and honor.


Here I am take me I’m all yours.
I will continue, My focus on,
Loving, Serving, Giving, and Praising you in a mighty way. Yes Lord.
Mathew 6 : 10.
Lord let thy will be done has it is in heaven on earth!

Going through hard times don’t mean I’ve lost!

When we serve God and find our self doing the best for his glory and honor and things began to look darker than lighter!

When you loose your Job = God has something better coming!

When you’re car breaks down = God would supply all our needs according to his purpose!

When we get cut up on the battlefield of our minds=God tells us DO NOT WORRY!

When you loose a family member or a Great Sister in the Lord= God has a plan we can’t understand right now, but in time we will, Be strong and courageous.

Joshua 1 : 9

MATHEW 6 : 25-33 and Luke 12 : 22-31

The Scriptures tell us Don’t be anxious about tomorrow!

In Luke 10 : 40-42 it tells us Martha was to busy doing many things, then was worried and upset, but Maria was at Jesús Christ feets and was not taken away from her.

That’s my Roll on my Journey, been at Jesús Christ feets seeking his presence and he will take full control of all tthe petitions of my Heart!

Before I speak he will answer!

Isaiah 65 : 24.

He knows our hearts!

Thank you Lord Jesús!

We are not to give up!
We are not to ask God why?
We are not to stop, Praying, Serving, attending Church, and tithing.
We are to Thank God with loud voice.
We are to Praise him, and say Lord, I don’t understand my situation right now, but I do understand the Power of your grace and mercy.

We are to remember God is testing our Faith.
I give you glory and honor for all my living trials, Father God.
I am amazed by your goodness.
I Pray you can be still and remember at all times,
God is still a Great God.

Be still and know I am God.
Psalm 46:10.
God Bless you abundantly and beyond.