Thank you Lord God for the blood of Jesús Christ!

The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength; indeed, the world is established, firm and secure. Psalm 93:1, NIV

Lord our God, you are king, founding a kingdom that reaches to the ends of the earth, establishing it to endure forever. We thank you that we may be sheltered in your hands and that no sickness of body or soul can do us lasting harm. We thank you for lifting us again and again to true life with the light and power to overcome what is earthly, true life with the flexibility to remain trusting and confident no matter what happens, true life directed to the great goal of God’s kingdom, promised to us in Jesus Christ. Amen.

God Bless you abundantly and beyond!

What is the Story of Jesús all about?

The story of Jesus is a story of love. It is the story of a God leaving behind his ‘godhood’, becoming man, becoming flesh, going through the darkness so he can save those who are lost in the dark and lead them unto the Light they do not even know. It is a story that calls us to do the same, calling us to leave behind our comforts for a while so we can rescue the lost right where they are.

It is the story of the utmost kind of sacrifice, sacrificing one’s own life in order to save many.

His story is the culmination of the unceasing love of God who never stopped seeking his people, who never gives up, who never fails to find a way to reach out and to make known to us the path of life.

The story of Jesus is a story of healing, both of the soul and of the body, soothing our pain and mending our wounds and our brokenness.

His is a story of acceptance, of welcoming those the world has made outcasts through its many prejudices. It is a story that discourages judgment and condemnation, a story that allows each person to be one’s best possible self.

The story of Jesus is a story of empathy, of weeping with those who weep and of mourning with those who mourn. It is a reminder of the warmth each of us is being called to give to another, far different from the coldness and numbness the world has grown into, in its efforts to upheld the self above everything else.

The story of Jesus is a story of faith, of performing miracles and wonders the world could not believe in. For the world sees the mountain that stands in our way, but faith sees the power within us to move all mountains along the way.

The story of Jesus is a story of forgiveness. It is a story of releasing us from our burdens, of cleansing us from our troubled minds, of breaking free from the past so we could all make a fresh beginning.

The story of Jesus is a story urging as to FEAR NOT. In the midst of our worries, and of all the concerns that cripple us, Jesus proclaims trust upon the Father’s protection and care, and of living life empowered in everything that we do.

The story of Jesus is a story of sincerity. It urges us to take off our masks and seek the truth, for it is after all in truth where we can find redemption, wisdom and enlightenment.

The story of Jesus is a story of simplicity. It is where all the commandments of Moses and the prophets have been merged and simplified into two. It is where the essence of all things have been summed up in one simple word – LOVE.

The story of Jesus is a story of boldness. It is a story of standing up for what we believe in, of speaking out the truth even if the truth may hurt, even if it’s not the popular choice, even if it means not being able to please everyone.

The story of Jesus is a story of joy, of celebrating life, of enjoying the company of the people we love. It is breaking bread and eating together, of talking and sharing and of walking hand in hand.

The story of Jesus is our own story, if we could dare to make it and believe. For the good news did not end with the fourth gospel. Jesus urges us to carry on. The story of Jesus calls to each and everyone of us, COME FOLLOW ME!

1st Faith – 2nd Obedience

The hand of our God is on all those who seek him, for good; but his power and his wrath is against all those who forsake him. -Ezra 8:22 (WEB)

Are you allowing the fruits of the Spirit be upon?
So Are you putting them to Practice?
Glory to God!
Let’s focus on Jesús Christ and his Calling upon us.
Jesús is coming soon!
Are you ready?
Are you saved?
Thank you Jesús for your guidance, we Love you and Praise you!

Luke 4:18